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10'6" Alum-A-Brake – Work 3 to 5 Times Faster!
No other brake comes close!!!

Work much faster - without a pencil. Hems, slits and bends all common material including vinyl coil.

Ultima PlusOur new kwik release table design permits Alum-A-Pole to offer the best brake…at the lowest price in the industry. 20 lbs. lighter too! Replaces all other brakes. Download Ultima Brake Operation and Features Flyer (212k)

  • Save “BIG TIME” on your labor

  • Greater accuracy

  • For the most part you will NOT need a pencil

  • Hems, slits and bends all common material including vinyl coil.

Ultima Plus Includes:

• Rigid removable aluminum worktable. Takes only 5 seconds.
• 4 Maximizers.
• 2 Scissor hands.
• Slitter Guide Bar.
• Built-in track-mounted slitter.
• Power locks permit 1/4" bends.
• Lifetime wearable parts warranty.


Coil Holder – with built-in slitter
• Alum-A-Brake Legs.
• Alum-A-Brake Wheels.


Maximizers – Bend 2 pieces of aluminum coil at one time. Bend and slit a 50’ roll of coil 5”x1”x10’ in under 15 minumtes. Automatically stack all slit pieces on maximizers. Bend a Pro-Trim Post in under 2 minutes. Simply set distances. No pencil needed.


Scissor Hands – A fast measuring device designed for single bends and slits without a pencil. Simply place coil on bend or cut side and lock brake for processing.


Coil Holder – Fast and easy slitting. Built-in track-mounted slitter means slitter can never drop. Mounts in seconds.


Built-in Slitter Guide Bar – lines up pencil marks to slitter wheels.


Alum-A-Brake Legs – fit on in seconds, no tools necessary.


Alum-A-Brake Wheels – removable in seconds. Grass friendly. Makes brake weightless.


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