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Pro-Trim DuroBend® Solid Bendable Vinyl Coil

This patented product is the perfect complement to all vinyl exterior products. It is highly impact resistant, substantially UV stabilized, lab and field tested. Pro-Trim is easy to clean and work with. Unlike aluminum it is virtually scratch resistant. Bendable and cuttable on any brake. Many shapes can now be bent that would be impossible using aluminum. For example, porch columns can be bent in one piece and then snapped around that column without creases. Our patented WD3848 compound expands less than typical vinyl siding. Its fun to work with, easy to sell and most of all - it gives you the Professional Edge.

• 24” X 50’ rolls.
• Color: Comes in white
• Smooth or Grain finish.
• Custom colors available with 200 roll order.
• Lifetime limited warranty

Pro-Trim Hand Bendable Seamless Flashing – Meets ICC code #307.8

More specifically; a patent pending process provides pre-creasing. This innovation permits brakeless seamless flashing. Obviously, one continuous length is a substantially superior weather barrier.

Up until recently aluminum was the flashing material of choice; NOT ANYMORE!!! Building inspectors are increasingly telling users not to use aluminum because it rots when installed against pressure treated ACQ or CCA wood and or cementitious materials. Aluminum simply does not meet some current building codes.

Pro-Trim has been approved, following lab tests, as a non-corrosive material. It is available in 25 and 50 foot lengths.


Pro-Trim Construction Tape

This is a high-grade exterior construction double faced adhesive tape that will adhere vinyl to vinyl indefinitely. The adhesion strength factor will increase by a multiple of 4 within 24 hours after application. Pro-Trim Tape has been road and field tested since 1991. It is used on Hide-A-Nails and also offered in 108’ x 1” rolls for seaming posts, etc. This product is very similar to glazing and automobile trim tape; it has been around for many years.


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